After Apple unveiled the iPhone 5S with a 64-bit A7 chip, Samsung CEO Shin Jong-kyun told the Korea Times that Samsung’s “next smartphones will have 64-bit functionality“. This includes Samsung’s next flagship smartphone – Galaxy S5.

64-bit processors enable programmers to create better apps and high end games for these new smartphones. It’s also a must for devices that have 4GB of RAM or more just like laptops and desktop computers.

Samsung Galaxy S5 64-bit CPU
Samsung Galaxy S5 concept with 64-bit CPU by Danish Prakash

Samsung recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with 3GB of RAM which makes it highly probable that the company will release a device with 4GB of RAM next year.

It can’t be avoided that many see Samsung as copying Apple in this news. However, one must also remember that Samsung Electronics are the makers of the processors used by iPhones.