Nokia just announced the roll out of the anticipated Amber software update for Nokia Lumias running Windows Phone 8. The Amber update brings a lot of new features that greatly improves the Windows phone experience.

Included in the Amber update are the following:

Nokia Lumia Amber sofware update features
The Amber software update for Nokia Lumias running Windows Phone 8 includes the new Nokia Smart Camera app, Glance Screen, FM Radio, Flip to Silence among others. Photo by Nokia.

1. Nokia Smart Camera App

Nokia Smart Camera app interfaceA camera app that makes you feel like a professional photographer with its circular dials for the settings. It also boasts features like Best Shot, Action Shot and Change Faces.

Best Shot takes a series of 10 shots and let’s you choose the sharpest and clearest one. Action shot let’s you combine several pictures into one amazing image with the subject in different positions – ideal for sports.

However, lumias with lower memory will have a downgraded Nokia Smart Camera App features like fewer images in burst mode. It will not increase the quality of the pictures too except on Nokia Lumia 920 which received a better low light picture quality with Amber.

2. Nokia Glance Screen

Glance displays the time, phone mode(silent or vibrate) and battery level on your screen while your Lumia is inactive. There are options for night mode which changes the text color to red which is easier on the eyes at night.

Interesting to note that the Glance Screen is controlled with the display memory or GPU. This results in lesser power usage to display the clock.

3. Gesture Controls

Not really the same as waving to turn the phone off but Nokia Lumias will now have the flip up side down to mute or cancel a call and double tapping the screen will wake your Windows Phone 8 up.

Aside from these three major updates, there are also other features that Amber brings. This includes Storage check, faster map updates and stereo FM Radio,

Amber Software Update Availability in the Philippines

Right now, Amber software update for Nokia Lumia 820 and Nokia Lumia 920 are already labelled Coming Soon by Nokia. Other models are still waiting for approval.

How to Update Your Nokia Lumia

Here’s a video from Nokia that will walk you through updating your Lumia:

Are you excited with the Amber update?