If you frequently visit Pinoy Techno Guide, you might have noticed that I already removed the Disqus Comment System and went back to the native Blogger Comment System. This took away all the comments made by my readers using Disqus.

Why would I do such a drastic action? Simple answer: Disqus is hurting my SEO.

Disqus Logo

Disqus is a Great Commenting System

This is what I thought before and even up to now. It’s friendly and intuitive interface, real time comments and social media integration make Disqus the best commenting system there is on the planet.

I have to mention that moderating comments using Disqus is a seamless experience too. Sure there are some spam comments but activating Akismet solves that problem.

So, What’s the Flaw with Disqus?

The first thing that made me think about all of these is when I saw another Blogger hosted blog that has been ranking high in Google’s Search Results Page (SERP) that is not using a third party application for his comments.

This particular blog has very short posts but with a lot of comments. So I asked my self, “Could the comments be boosting his rank?”

I then checked if Disqus comments are SEO friendly. I found out that it might not be since it is not rendered in HTML but in Javascript. That means even if I have several posts that has garnered a lot of comments and debates, that doesn’t affect how Google sees my post’s worth. It appears as if no one is commenting on my blog!

Solution No. 1: Sync Disqus Comments with Blogger

Disqus has a feature where you can forward all your Disqus comments to Blogger. I tried this but Disqus says the feature isn’t working right now and that Google should fix it.

Disqus Import Comments from Blogger and Sync

I then searched for a fix from Google groups and other sources just to find out that Google says Disqus should fix it.


Final Solution: Remove Disqus from Blogger

That’s the story why I removed Disqus from Pinoy Techno Guide. Now I’m back with Blogger’s not so good but SEO friendly commenting system.

Take note that after removing Disqus, I had to change the settings for all of my posts to allow comments because the installation of Disqus seemed to have disabled the comments for all of the articles.

Are you happy with Disqus? Share your thoughts in the Blogger Commenting System below.