Even with Gmail’s advanced spam filters and tabbed inbox, it can still be annoying the constant emails from Facebook, Twitter, other companies and even other people.

Thankfully, Gmail has a Filter feature that allows you to immediately delete all incoming emails from a particular sender. You will still receive those emails but they are immediately deleted without a trace.

Here’s how you can stop receiving emails by filtering:

Step 1: Check one of the emails from the sender that you want to block. 

How do I Stop Receiving Emails I Don't Want in Gmail

Let me clear things up, I have nothing against Facebook. I’m using an email from Facebook as an example because many people are pissed of by them. Okay?

Step 2: Click on the More option above the inbox and choose Filter…

How do I Stop Receiving Emails I Don't Want in Gmail

When you click on More, several options will drop down. You might be familiar with Mark as read but you should choose Filter messages like these.

Step 3: Create the Filter

Creating filter in Gmail

This form will then open showing the email address of the sender. Click the blue link on the bottom saying Create filter with this search.

Step 4: Choose Gmail’s Action When its Receives Another Email

Delete incoming emails in Gmail

Here comes your choice. You have to choose what Gmail will do if it receives an email from that sender again. For this example, I’ve chosen to delete it. Doing this will prevent you from receiving email notifications from Facebook.

You can do the same with any of you emails on Gmail. If you have more questions, just ask me in the comments below.