Several features of Motorola’s first smartphone under Google leaked in a promo video for Roger’s Wireless, a telecommunications company in Canada.

Some of the confirmed features are revolutionary! Moto X has a new way of launching your phone’s camera app by twisting your wrist twice. I tried twisting my wrist twice and it feels so natural to launch an app that way.
Once the camera app is open, you can take pictures by tapping the screen. There is no shutter button or icon whatsoever. You can also take multiple pictures by tapping the screen multiple times.
Moto X Twist wrist to open camera
Moto X Camera in a demo.
Another is its always on voice command system that “learns your voice” when you talk to it. That means it will recognize your voice from your girlfriend’s or brother’s. This is obviously an answer to Apple’s Siri and is powered by Google Now. One YouTube user even said, “Okay Google Now, I want this phone!”
Moto X has a new way of presenting notifications too. Instead of a blinking LED, it shows fading icons on a dark screen. You can then decide to take the phone and read the notification or new message or save it for later.
Moto X Notifications
Moto X Notifications appears as faded icons on the screen.
One thing that might slow down Moto X performance is the network speed. In order for the notifications and queries to be addressed, Moto X needs to access the internet for information.
Moto X
Google and Motorola surely isn’t happy with this leak. They have an event planned for the launch of Moto X already and this might spoil the excitement.
But nevertheless, Moto X is one smartphone that I would love to own if I can afford its price. Moto X will be available this August in Canada.

Video screenshots from this YouTube video: