After being featured on different TV shows and blog articles about Starmobile Knight, it’s difficult to ignore that this quad core Android smartphone crazily looks like the iPhone 5.

Starmobile Knight is even thinner than iPhone 5 by a millimeter at 7.5 mm only. It is slightly taller and wider than the iPhone though.

Starmobile Knight Looks Like iPhone 5
Side by side comparison of iPhone 5 and Starmobile Knight. Two smartphones that look almost exactly alike
 that those who cannot afford the iPhone opts for the Knight.

Knight has a larger ‘hole’ beside its front speaker since it has an 8 MP front facing camera equipped with BSI technology.

Specs-wise, iPhone 5 is the winner, of course. But Starmobile Knight definitely beats the iPhone with its ₱11,290.00 compare to iPhone 5’s ₱30,000.00.

Can you see the similarities between iPhone 5 and Starmobile Knight? Which one would you choose if you have the money?

Here’s the complete specs of Starmobile Knight.