Another Innovation from LG

LG aims to lead another innovation in technology by announcing the mass production of flexible OLED displays by the fourth quarter of 2013. Flexible displays are gaining interest with the rumors of smart watches and other wearable smart devices.

The benefits of flexible displays doesn’t end in it being bendable to suit any shape that the user wants. It also opens the door for truly scratch proof displays since its flexibility will make it unbreakable even when it falls.

Another benefit from flexible displays is the ability to create roll over screens. You can have a gadget sized like a size AA battery (wall clock battery) then have its screen open to reveal a 5″ screen.

Finally, flexible displays opens the doors to more innovations that will fuel the growth of technology and make our lives easier (hopefully not too much).

LG Flexible OLED Display
A sample LG Flexible OLED Display.

LG vs Samsung on Flexible Displays

Samsung is also developing its own flexible display and teased consumers already. However, they are still on the testing phase and wouldn’t likely to launch a flexible display soon.

Samsung has already advanced with its products by a lot compared to LG. If pulled off successfully, this could be LG’s chance to take back its previously held status in technology innovations.