Yahoo! recently changed the design of its search results page. The new design is cleaner, simpler and does not have any advertisement on it.

After searching the phrase “pinoy techno guide” on the new Yahoo! search bar, I’ve also noticed it’s speedier performance.

Here’s a screenshot of the new Yahoo! search page:

The new design is only found at the results page. The Yahoo! home page still has the old search bar with the large yellow button.

The design features a blue search button and a subtle border of the search bar. The different tabs for the Image, Video and News search are still present at the top of the results.

On the left of the page is a set of filters by time. I tried to click on the Past Week filter and it showed some old posts on Pinoy Techno Guide.

The search results features a simpler design with a blue title, a gray cache link, and a green text for the link.

It is also worth noting that the page is unusually aligned to the left leaving a large space on the right side. It might be an advertising space in the future.

Have you visited the new Yahoo! Search Results Page yet? What do you think?