Cherry Mobile released another quad core tablet with a larger screen than the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt.

The Cherry Mobile Fusion Fire is set to cater the customers who prefer a larger tablet. That’s why it has a 10.1 inch High Definition IPS display. It also boasts a 16 GB internal memory – a feature that only a few local brands has given so much effort to increase.

But is the Cherry Mobile Fusion Fire the right choice for you? Let’s analyze this tablet based on its specs.

Cherry Mobile Fusion Fire’s 1 GHz Quad Core Processor with 1 GB or RAM

Cherry Mobile is building up its quad core line up with surprising releases of quad core gadgets at very low prices. Fusion Fire is the third quad core gadget that Cherry Mobile released this year.

People are attracted to the thought of having a quad core device. Quad core devices not only sound cooler, they also pack more processing power to run demanding programs at the same time without much lags and hangs. This is possible since there are more CPU cores to handle the tasks.

Aside from the 1 GHz quad core processor of the Cherry Mobile Fusion Fire, Cherry Mobile also fitted it with a 1 GB RAM. That is way better than the usual 512 MB RAM of last year’s smartphones. This means more memory for your apps.

Cherry Mobile Fusion Fire’s 10.1″ HD IPS Display and Android Ice Cream Sandwich

You won’t ask for more with the large display of Cherry Mobile Fusion Fire. It’s for people who want to immerse themselves in high definition graphics in a larger screen or watch high definition movies using their tablet.

However, some might be turned off by the fact that Cherry Mobile Fusion Fire will be running Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich only. Cherry Mobile recently released Jelly Bean updates for Titan and Flare. They should have released Fusion Fire with Jelly Bean.

But don’t get me wrong, Ice Cream Sandwich is good. Jelly Bean is just better.

Cherry Mobile Fusion Fire’s 16 GB Internal Memory

Now this is the most interesting feature of Cherry Mobile Fusion Fire. Most tablets and smartphones from local brands only have 4 GB of internal memory. This results in the shortage of space for more apps.

Cherry Mobile addressed that problem neatly with the 16 GB internal memory of Fusion Fire. You can enjoy it even without an additional memory card.

But if the 16 GB internal memory is still not enough for you, Cherry Mobile Fusion Fire can be expanded up to 32 GB via microSD card.

Cherry Mobile Fusion Fire’s Camera and Connectivity Features

Cherry Mobile Fusion Fire is similar to other tablets when it comes to its camera. At the front is a small VGA front camera and at the back is a 2 MP camera. It’s not much but who takes pictures with a big tablet anyway? It’s too awkward.

Fusion Fire also has the basic connectivity features like connecting to WiFi networks and USB ports using a microUSB adapter. However, it doesn’t have bluetooth.

Cherry Mobile Fusion Fire’s 8,000 mAh Battery and ₱ 7,999.00 Price Tag

Honestly, I worried that Cherry Mobile might once again fail at the battery of the Cherry Mobile Fusion Fire.  But what a surprise! Cherry Mobile fitted the Fusion Fire with an 8,000 mAh battery! That’s a lot of power to go with this 10.1″ tablet.

As usual, Cherry Mobile hits the competition hard with its low prices. The Cherry Mobile Fusion Fire will sell at ₱ 7,999.00 only.

So, do think you are going to buy the Cherry Mobile Fusion Fire?