Finally, the new Blackberry Z10 has arrived in the Philippines! 

Like children eager to have their most wanted toy, Filipinos swarmed twitter and facebook with posts about the release of Blackberry Z10.

Blackberry Z10 did not disappoint us. It comes as a sleek, stylish, powerful and intuitively designed smartphone.

Although Blackberry Z10 comes at a steep price of ₱ 29,990.00, you will have the most out of your money. Here are the new features that you will experience with the new Blackberry Z10.

Blackberry Z10 unboxingBBM with Video and Screen Sharing – Cool!

Are you missing the Black Berry Messaging (BBM) you were so fond of? Now it’s back! This time, you can BBM all you want with video. Add to that the ability to share your screen and I’m blown away.

All this time, Research in Motion – the maker of Blackberry, has been cooking up this meal and it’s unbelievably delicious.

To use BBM with video and screen sharing, tap the small icons that appear when you open BBM.

Intuitive Navigation by Swiping – Feels Smooth after the Learning Curve

Blackberry Z10 has no buttons on its front whatsoever, you have to swipe upwards to unlock it and access the main screen. Swiping down will bring up the menus of a particular app.

You can bring up the on screen keyboard by swiping upwards using two fingers. You can hide it by swiping from the top of the keyboard downward using two fingers too.

Swiping sideways will open up the other apps you opened.

These set of gestures is referred to by Blackberry as Blackberry Flow. It aims to make the use of Smartphones more natural and intuitive.

 A Smart Keyboard – Learns Your Writing Style

Aside from the gorgeous looks of the Blackberry Z10’s onscreen keyboard, it is also a very smart keyboard. After several times of composing messages and typing anything, it learns your writing style and suggests words based on it.

The keyboard is surprisingly accurate contrary to its counterparts on Android and iOS. This might have been a major module in developing the Blackberry 10 Operating System since it is aimed for business use.

Always a Perfect Shot – Blackberry Z10 Time Shift Mode

With the Blackberry Z10’s 8MP camera, you’ll never have a blinking person in your photos. When taking a picture, Z10 will allow you to move the time of the capture backward or forward and choose a perfect facial expression.

True 4G – LTE Capability

Blackberry Z10 is the first smartphone in the country to be equipped with true 4G technology and harness the advantages of the newly established infrastructure of our telecommunication companies.

With LTE capability, you can have internet access at speeds of 40 Mbps to 100 Mbps! That’s mindblowing! Even the fastest mobile broadband stick in the country can only achieve up to 15Mbps.