Effective ways to conserve the battery life of your Android phone
Conserve your Android phone’s battery life without any additional battery saver app.

The biggest problem with Android phones is their short battery life. This is the price that we have to pay for the amazing features that android phones offer.

Most Android phones last only 4-5 hours of extreme usage and up to a day for normal usage. Most people try to solve this problem by installing a battery saver app from the Google Playstore.

However, many of these apps eat a portion of your phone’s RAM and battery life too. There is also the annoying advertisements that comes with them. Hence, it is better to learn some tricks to conserve and lengthen your Android phone’s battery life manually.

Here are 5 effective ways to conserve the battery life of your Android phone without using a battery saver app:

1. Set the brightness of your screen to the minimum and don’t use the auto brightness feature

The screen of your Android phone contributes the largest amount of battery usage. A very bright screen will drain your battery very fast.

To conserve your battery life, set the brightness to the lowest possible setting. To do this, go to Settings > Display > Brightness and move the slider to the left.

After that, uncheck the Automatic Brightness option to prevent your phone from changing the brightness settings automatically.

2. Use a dark wallpaper and say no to live wallpapers

If you have a live wallpaper right now, disable it right away because it’s killing your battery’s life.

After disabling the live wallpaper, use a picture instead. But don’t just use any picture, choose a dark picture. if you have a picture taken at night, use that if you really want your girlfriend or baby as your wallpaper.

Search for dark pictures and wallpapers on Google and use them if you are looking for cool wallpapers.

3. Remove Widgets on your home screen

Another feature that eats up a lot of battery is the set of widgets that you have in your home screen. The weather widget, the clock, email feed or Facebook widget are all battery hogs.

Do you really care what the weather right now and how will they be tomorrow? You can check those by opening the News and Weather app.

4. Turn Off Notifications for Gmail, Facebook and Twitter

When you have a new mail, status update or message on Facebook or on Twitter, a notification shows on the Status bar at the top of your phone. Turn that off and you can save a small amount of battery life for your Android phone.

To turn off those notifications, open each app and tap the settings button. Open then Settings of the app and uncheck the Notifications option. It’s the same procedure for Gmail, Facebook and Twitter.

5. Turn Off WiFi, GPS, Data Connection and Bluetooth when not in use

The connectivity features of Android phones is another battery intensive part of your phone. If you are not connected to a WiFi network, there’s no point in turning your Wifi radio on. Turn it off by swiping from the status bar and tapping on the WiFi button.

GPS, Data Connection and Bluetooth can also be turned off the same way as the WiFi radio.

Know more tricks to conserve your phone’s battery life? Comment below so that more people will know.