For ₱ 350.00 per month, you’ll get a Cherry Mobile Flare for Free!

Cherry Mobile Flare has been dubbed as the ‘Dual Core ng Bayan’. I personally own and love a Cherry Mobile Flare.

Now, Sun Cellular wants you to ‘steal’ this amazing smartphone! That’s right. They are going to give you a free unit of Flare if you enroll in their post paid plan 350.
Basically, you’ll have unlimited sun to sun calls and texts and 250 texts to other networks for one month using your free Cherry Mobile Flare.

Is Flare Really that Good?

YES! Cherry Mobile Flare runs on a 1.2 GHz Dual Core Snapdragon processor, the same processor used in several high end phones in the market. It’s 512MB RAM is enough to play NBA2K13, Need for Speed, Temple Run 2 and other games. 
CM Flare uses Android 4.0.2 Ice Cream Sandwich which makes it’s interface user friendly and intuitive. It can also run all apps in the Google Playstore giving you the ultimate Android experience. Finally, CM Flare can also be used as a WiFi hotspot.
I also watch movies on my CM Flare and it can play movies that stutters on my netbook. 

Requirements for Sun Cellular Plan 350 with Cherry Mobile Flare

To avail the Sun Cellular Plan 350 with CM Flare, you have to submit the following requirements in any Sun Cellular office:
  1. Filled up Application Form
  2. Valid ID (Government issued or a company ID that belongs to the top 100 companies in the country)
  3. Proof of Billing or Income
For a complete set of requirements, visit the Suncellular website.

Should Get Your Free CM Flare with Sun Cellular Plan 350?

If you’ll ask me, I’ll answer that it depends. It depends on what type of person are you.
This plan will give you a free CM Flare, unlimited calls and texts sun to sun and 250 texts to other networks per month but with a lock-in period of 30 months – that’s 2 and a half years.
CM Flare is a wonderful smartphone. But if you are the person who changes phones every 2 or 3 months, better buy your own CM Flare.
For people who stick to a single phone, I highly recommend that you enroll in Suncellular’s plan 350 with a free CM Flare.