I checked my blog today and was happy to see that my tutorial about how to download and make the Pinoy Phone App working for my|phone is still the most popular article on Pinoy Techno Guide.

But I was more happy to see the sharing buttons below that post’s title, here is a snapshot:

Look at the Facebook Share button. Oh la la! Ninety-nine people shared my tutorial on Facebook!

That’s overwhelming. And when you look at the sharethis button, you’ll see a sweeter number- 154! A total of 154 people shared my my|phone Pinoy Phone App tutorial!

What Does This Mean?

This means I am on the right track. My vision of being the best technology blog in the country is slowly taking shape.
I know that this is very ambitious. There are several tech blogs that are already established here in the Philippines. It is very difficult to match their success.
But this thinking is only for quitters and losers. I’m not a quitter and I’m certainly not a loser. Not with blogging about technology, science and the web.
This is my new found love.

Sparked Adsense Application Interest!

Due to those numbers, I figured out that it’s time to try again. I went to my blogger dashboard, clicked on the earnings tab and created a new adsense account using my new email account from gmail.

My Earnings tab now says Your application is waiting approval.

This message is better than the automated emails I kept on receiving from adsense ever since I applied for an adsense account.

I hope this time, Pinoy Techno Guide will be approved by adsense. When that happens, I’ll take the option of quitting my job seriously.

Removed Other Ads…

As a precautionary measure, I removed all my other ad networks installed on Pinoy Techno Guide.

There are many blogs and forums that says Google Adsense does not approve sites that contain other ads. I also added adsense gadgets on Pinoy Techno Guide.

There is a leaderboard ad above the blog posts, just below the navigation bar. There is also a 300 px rectangle adsense ad unit on my sidebar. These ads are the ones that earn most according to the adsense blog and other adsense users.

On the bottom of Pinoy Techno Guide, there is an ad unit but I’m not sure what is its size. I’m sure its adsense though.

Update Tomorrow…

Adsense takes time so I’ll have to wait and update you guys what happens tomorrow. That is if anyone is reading my rants.

I’m sure people are reading my tutorials but I’m not sure if they are actually reading my selfish posts. Anyway, my blog is about technology, science and me. You’ll inevitably know me through Pinoy Techno Guide.

I’m even planning to write about my controversial beliefs.

Upcoming FAPE Evaluation

Here’s the thing. Next week, people from FAPE will come to our school and observe us. They will evaluate our school for its worthiness of the subsidy from the government.

Of course, they will observe our class and how the teachers teach.

I have to admit that I’m worried, very worried that I may perform poorly during the evaluation. I am not a good teacher and I will never be. I hope I’ll have some luck next week.

I’m not sure if I can post new articles next week. I will try.