Adsense is undeniably the most coveted way of earning for bloggers. I made Pinoy Techno Guide with a hope of turning it into a blog with adsense and thus earn money.

After months of trying to be accepted by adsense, I’m almost giving up. Someone from Google Product Forums told me that Adsense is rarely accepting tech blogs now.

I think being a tech blog is also the reason why I am constantly being rejected by adsense. There are just too many sites that offer gadget reviews and tech how to’s that Pinoy Techno Guide is adjunct.

What should I do?

It sure is frustrating but bloggers should not loose hope. I am still blogging, still trying to attract more visitors.

Meanwhile, I still need and want to create an online income stream – a passive income if possible.

I have Chitika Ads here in Pinoy Techno Guide. I’m earning cents from those ads but it’s better than nothing.

If you are from the Philippines, you might also be seeing a banner at the top of Pinoy Techno Guide. Don’t try to think that I’m earning thousands from that large banner. I’m not.

That nuffnang banner is giving me around 20 pesos or $0.5 per week. That’s not enough.

Should I Just Quit?

I’m not a quitter. Besides, I just purchased the domain less than two months ago. I may find another way of earning a substantial income after a few months.
For now, I’ll make more Squidoo lenses and try applying at oDesk to supplement my low salary in teaching.