Update: Although this worked for me back in April, 2012, it didn’t work for some people. Their money were returned to their Paypal account after several days. Proceed at your own discretion.

Congratulations! I believe you got here because you already have money in your Paypal account. Now you are searching for ways on how to get that money into your hands.

Many Filipino bloggers are talking about using Union Bank EON card or credit cards to withdraw money from your Paypal account. But I know that many provinces do not have Union Bank branches and many people fear using credit cards.

Hence, I’m going to walk you through an alternative method of withdrawing your money from Paypal using SmartMoney. SmartMoney is a service from SMART, the country’s leading cellphone network company.

We will just use the SmartMoney Card to verify your Paypal account and use that same SmartMoney card to withdraw your money from Paypal in different ATM terminals nationwide.

Step 1. Buy a Smart Buddy or TNT Sim Card and Register it to SmartMoney

  • Navigate to SIM Services
  • Choose SmartMoney then Activate Card
  • Enter a six digit number twice which will be your PIN
  • Wait for a reply and select Get Account then Banco de Oro
  • You will receive an SMS from SmartMoney containing your SmartMoney Account Number (16 digits)

Step 2. Go to a Smart Wireless Center and Ask for a SmartMoney Card

I’m from Ormoc City and a Smart Wireless center is located at Aviles St. under the BIR office. Check your locality if you have a Smart Wireless center too. You can use this Store Locator from Smart.

  • Tell the guard that you will register for a SmartMoney Card and he will give you your priority number
  • When it’s your turn already, tell the beautiful teller that you want to have a SmartMoney Card
  • Present your SmartMoney Account number
  • Provide her with your personal information like name, age, etc.
  • Pay ₱ 120.00 for the card
  • Wait at most two weeks for your card to be processed (mine came after 6 days)

Step 3. Verify Your Paypal Account Using SmartMoney

  • Open your Paypal account and Click Get Verified
  • Select Provide a Credit Card in Your Name
  • Enter the required information. Card type is Master Card.
  • Save the information and Paypal will send a very small amount to your SmartMoney Account.
  • Enter the Verification code into Paypal and you’re done.

Step 4. Enter Bank Account Information

Paypal charges ₱ 250.00 for credit card withdrawal. On the other hand, only ₱ 50.00 is charged for a bank account withdrawal. You don’t have to create a bank account, you already have one!
  • Identify your SmartMoney BDO Account Number by Checking your balance in any ATM terminal
  • In your Paypal account, go to Profile > Add/Edit Bank Account
  • Use 010530667 as the bank code. This is the Paypal bank code of BDO.
  • Save and you’re done here.

Tip! Banks will deduct a transaction fee for every international transaction that you will make. Banco de Oro charges around ₱ 200.00. The bank that charges the least is Metrobank and Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank). These banks have the Paypal bank code 010269996. Metrobank and PSBank will deduct ₱  75.00 only.

Now that you know how to withdraw money from Paypal using SmartMoney, please consider a link gift for Pinoy Techno Guide.