Many schools are already using LCD Projectors. Teachers now have the power to make engaging visual aids using pictures, videos, animations and simulations. However, it is also a common observation that these projectors are not used properly. This article will give you tips on how to use your LCD Projector properly.

The power of projectors is its ability to display pictures of your topics and play videos or animations. It is not their to be the substitute for the chalk board or manila paper.
Better yet, projectors can display simulations like this simulation of Projectile Motion.
Using simulations, projectors can make your lesson interactive. Take this simulation of the Hydrologic Cycle for example. Once you let the students label the steps of the cycle by goin to the table and use the mouse, they get excited to be part of the simulation.

Now you get my point, use simulations! I have here a collection of my favorite science simulations and Powerpoint Presentations. If you are wondering how to use these simulations, read this guide on how to play animations offline. What follows are technical tips in using projectors.

How to use projector effectively

Setting up the projector in a classroom can take 10-15 minutes. That’s a lot of time for a 1 hour class. You must be familiar on how to set up the projector fast enough. You can even train some of your students to set up the projector and let them do it while you check the attendance.

Projectors are made to give a large display. Don’t settle for a display that looks like a 21 inch television. Make it bigger! You can either move the projector away from the screen or adjust the settings on some newer projectors.

Make sure the image is not skewed. Use the Keystone feature to adjust the image formed by the projector. As much as possible, it should be a square or a rectangle.

If you have the money, buy a Wireless Presenter that enables you to control your Powerpoint Presentations from a distance rather than pressing the keys of your laptop. Using laser pointers is also more advisable compared to sticks.

Projectors are very good tools in teaching. It can provide resources that are not available with traditional teaching tools. In order to achive its full potential, teachers must learn how to properly use it and find resources that students can engage.