This software detects the movements of the head of the user using the webcam of the computer. It can track movements from side to side and downward or upward. It can even make you click by focusing on something for several seconds.

Eviacam is very useful for disabled people who want to use computers to make a facebook account or search the internet for the cures to their illness.

Gamers will also benefit from this software because it enables them to play a video game while standing in from of their computer and moving their head like crazy.

To install Eviacam, go to this Download Link. Double click on the downloaded file and follow the instructions. When you successfully installed Eviacam, this window will appear.

Click next then move your head side to side then up and down so that the software can calibrate itself properly. After this, your mouse cursor will start to follow the movements of your head.

A bar on top of your screen will also appear. You can use this to choose the action if you focus the cursor for several seconds. You can choose left click, right click, drag or double click.

You can now play Feeding Frenzy by moving your head! Go ahead and open Feeding Frenzy 2 and eat some fish, or be eaten!

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