You can receive your emails from Gmail or Yahoo Mail to your Cellphone for free. This is what I’ve discovered after I badly needed to check my email.

I was very anxious about my very first payout from Squidoo. I’ve created several lenses and one of them got to tier one. I was very certain that I will get my first payout on April, 2012 so I checked my squidoo daily, my email daily – hourly! I was beginning to doubt that I will receive my payment.

One night, I wanted to check my email so badly but I do not have internet connection at home! For almost three hours I lay awake thinking about Squidoo. Then it struck my mind. I can use my cellphone to check my mail for free!

What You Need

The Prerequisites to Getting Free eMails

To receive your emails to your cellphones for free, you need three things. I’ve enumerated them below:
  • 1A fully functional Gmail or Yahoo Mail Account
  • 2A Facebook account with email address enabled
  • 3A Cellphone that can Access Facebook 0 for Free

Step 1: Access Facebook 0 From Your Phone 

Facebook 0 is Free

Facebook 0 is a text only version of Facebook that Mobile Phone carriers offers to its subscribers for free. You can access Facebook without the pictures using Facebook 0. You can do this by going to in your phone.
Sadly, not all Network companies offer Facebook 0. Here is a partial list of those carriers that offer Facebook 0 to its consumers:

Mobile Carriers that Offer Facebook 0

  1. Sun Cellular of the Philippines
  2. Telstra in Australia
  3. Movistar in El Salvador
  4. SFR in France
  5. XL in Indonesia
  6. DiGi in Malaysia
  7. Telcom NZ in New Zealand
  8. Vodafone in Quatar
  9. 3 in UK

Step 2: Activate Your Facebook eMail

Yes you have a facebook email address!

You heard it right. You have a facebook email address. Go to facebook and then view your messages. You will be prompted to claim your facebook email at the top.
If you have your email already set up, then GOOD! =)

Step 3: Forward Your Gmail to Facebook Mail

This is the last step to be able to receive your emails to your phone for free.
Go to your gmail account and click on Settings. Then choose Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
Enter your facebook email address to enable email forwarding.

The Technique
The technique to receiving free emails to your phone is to forward it to your Facebook mail.

Congratulations! You Can Now Receive Free Emails to Your Phone.

Were you successful in setting up this method of getting your emails for free or were there some problems? Tell me about it.