Huawei Philippines celebrates the new year with its Better Together 2022 promo! The brand offers massive discounts and freebies on Huawei laptops, wearables, and smartphones.

The Huawei Matebook 14s with 11th-gen Intel i5 chip gets the biggest discount of ₱7,000 while its Intel i7 variant has the most freebies worth ₱17,497. Smartphones and tablets like the Huawei nova 9 also come with freebies and discounts.

Here’s a complete list of the Huawei products and promo offers:

ProductsPriceDiscounts and Freebies
Matebook 14s i7 (11th) 16GB₱79,999₱17,497 of freebies
Matebook 14s i5 (11th) 8GB₱68,999₱5,999 of freebies
Matebook 14 i5 (11th) 8GB₱59,999₱7,000 discount and ₱5,999 of freebies
Matebook D15 i5 (11th) 8GB₱46,999₱2,499 of freebies
Matebook D14 i5 (10th) 8GB₱42,999₱2,499 of freebies
Matebook D15 i5 (10th) 8GB₱39,999₱2,000 discount
Matebook D15 i3 (10th) 8GB₱31,999₱2,499 of freebies
Nova 8i₱13,999₱999 of freebies
Nova 9₱23,999₱3,490 of freebies
Watch GT3 46mm₱12,999₱3,998 of freebies
Watch GT Runner₱13,999₱1,898 of freebies
Watch GT2 Pro₱11,999₱2,000 discount
Freebuds Pro₱7,999₱1,000 discount
Debussy 6+128GB₱26,999₱13,997 of freebies
MatePad R₱18,999₱1,000 discount
T10 LTE 2+3GB8,999₱999 of freebies
T10 Wi-Fi 2+32GB₱7,999₱999 of freebies


Aside from these discounts and freebies, each purchase also comes with discounts on Huawei services such as Huawei Video, Huawei Music, Huawei Books, Huawei Themes, and Huawei Mobile Cloud.

Moreover, Huawei launched its One Price Repair phone service promo. Spare parts such as screens, mainboards, back covers, and batteries get discounts.

The Huawei Better Together 2022 lasts until February 20, 2022.