DITO Telecommunity uses a new technology called VoLTE which means “Voice over LTE”. Hence, smartphones that do not have this feature will not work with the telco.

VoLTE allows smartphones to have voice calls using 4G networks instead of the older 3G and 2G networks. It also allows mobile data to be used while making voice calls.

Unlike Smart and Globe, DITO doesn’t offer 3G nor 2G signals anymore in its coverage areas. Instead, the telco is only offering 4G with VoLTE and plans to improve its network with 5G cell sites in the future.

Most flagship smartphones have VoLTE and are compatible with DITO Telecommunity. Many affordable smartphones are also equipped with this feature with prices as low as ₱2,999.00.

DITO has a list of certified compatible smartphones. However, even smartphones not included in the official list may access DITO’s network by simply turning on the VoLTE feature.

The PINOY TECHNO GUIDE smartphone database also has data on smartphones with VoLTE.