Mislatel has been selected as the provisional Third Major Telco Player in the Philippines by the NTC’s selection committee.

Mislatel Consortium is composed of China Telecom, Udenna Corporation, Chelsea Holdings and its namesake, the Mindanao Islamic Telephone Company. China Telecom is the third largest telco in China and has been the favored third telco contender by President Duterte.


Sear Telecom and PT&T Disqualification

Sear Telecom of Chavit Singson and the Philippine Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (PT&T) also submitted bidding documents. However, both were disqualified due to incomplete documents.

A ‘Participation Security’ is not present in Sear Telecom’s documents while PT&T failed to secure a ‘Certificate of Techincal Capability’ from the NTC.

Both bidders can still submit a motion for reconsideration within three days.


Converge, Teltech and KT Corporation

Three companies that were expected to participate in the bidding did not submit their documents. These include the popular Converge, Teltech and KT Corporation.

In an official joint statement, they said the “the conditions imposed for participation render the venture commercially unviable.”

They argued that the third telco player is required to have massive funds and put up its network quickly or risk suspension. Of course, these are not required for the two established telcos – Globe and Smart/PLDT.