As more and more people get hooked on their smartphones, Google takes several steps to address users’ ‘digital wellbeing’ with the new features of Android P.

This includes a Dashboard that shows app usage, App Timer which limits the time spent using an app and Wind Down which is an interesting extreme version of Do Not Disturb mode.


Android P Dashboard

Aside from the time spent on apps, the Dashboard also shows how many unlocks the user made as well as the number of notifications received.

This is a useful feature and I’ve already experienced a similar feature in Huawei’s smartphones called Smart Care. It only shows app usage times but it has already made me realize how much time I spend playing Rules of Survival.


App Timer

This one is already pretty self-explanatory but as the user approaches the self-imposed time limit of using the app, a warning will pop-up.

Then, the app icon will be grayed out to remind the user of the accomplishment. The app can also be paused.


Wind Down

I’m already using Do Not Disturb mode to prevent unnecessary notifications from waking me up at night. Wind Down will take this further by turning the display into black and white.

This can be automatically set to the desired bedtime so once the user sees a grayscale screen, it’s a signal to go to sleep.

Source: Google