In an email sent to its users, ride hailing app Uber says the app will no longer be available in the Philippines.

This leaves Grab as the only ride hailing application currently operating in the country. Other similar apps or services are still securing approval from the Land Transportation Regulatory Board (LTFRB).


Grab acquires Uber

In March 2018, Grab acquired Uber’s Southeast Asia assets. In exchange, Uber got a 27.5% stake at the company.

This includes countries such as Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Grab is already worth billions of dollars and holds majority of the SEA market. On the other hand, Uber can now focus in areas where it is flourishing including the US and India.

Uber's email to its users.

Uber’s email to its users.


Using Grab instead of Uber

Now that it has officially ceased operation in the country, Uber encouraged its users to use Grab for their transportation needs.

The company assured that no user data was transferred to Grab. Users will have to download the app, register and start from scratch in their ride points and other promotions.

Meanwhile, Uber drivers are now in the process of transferring to Grab. This means more Grab cars and taxis as well as more passengers in one platform.