Smart Communications, Inc. treats its prepaid subscribers with 1GB of additional data for two of its most popular promos.

Instead of 2GB, those who will register to GIGASURF 99 will get 3GB of mobile data. Likewise, ALL OUT SURF 99 will come with 2GB of mobile data instead of the usual 1GB.


Limited Time Offer

This good news is tainted by the severe limit on its validity. This can only be availed from November 11 – 17, 2017. That’s just one week!

Smart has also done this before and I’m sure a lot of Smart subscribers who would have otherwise registered to GIGASURF 50 opted for the GIGASURF 99 with 3GB of data. However, they seem to think that the additional 1GB is a privilege, not a right of their subscribers.


How to register?

Anyway, here’s how you can register to these promos if you have no other means of connecting to the internet:

Send GIGA99 to 9999 for GIGASURF 99 (A total of 3GB of data and unlimited texts for one week)

Send ALLOUT99 to 9999 for ALL OUT SURF 99 (A total of 2GB of Data, free Facebook access, 100 minutes of calls and unlimited texts for one week)