Star Telecom Alliance Resources, Inc. becomes the first company to assemble mobile phones in the Philippines. This is the parent company of Filipino smartphone brand Starmobile.

“Since we started five years ago, it has been the company’s goal to contribute to the local economy and provide employment by assembling phones in the Philippines,” Starmobile COO Michael Chen said in an official statement.


Assembly vs Manufacturing

It should be noted though that the company buys the parts such as the “board”, screen, connectors, case and others from abroad. These are then assembled here in the country.

A video of the assembling process shows how workers use machines to precisely assemble the parts into a Starmobile UNO B208. The packaging of the device also happens in the facility.

The company aims to manufacture all the different parts of mobile phones within the facility itself in the future.


Video of Starmobile UNO B208 Assembly in the Philippines



Assembling phones locally has a lot of advantages for both the company and the customers. The company will save a lot in shipment fees. Meanwhile, customers are assured that parts of their phones are available in case of a defect.

This also increases job opportunities in the country and improves the morale of Filipinos in terms of science and technology.