Globe Telecom has officially removed free access to Facebook for its prepaid subscribers. This comes after around three years of running the promo since 2013.

Free Facebook allows users to browse the social network with less pictures and videos. It’s an acceptable deal for those who don’t want to spend anything but need to see their friend’s latest status updates.


Register to GoSURF30 for Free FB

However, Globe subscribers are now required to subscribe to at least GoSURF30 to enjoy Free FB. It’s a data promo that provides 150MB of open access and 50MB for an app of choice. The user can choose Facebook, Viber or Snapchat.

Without registering to the said promo or higher, Globe subscribers can only use the regular version of Facebook. This will use up their cellphone load though data charges.


Use Globe Switch!

There’s still hope though. Download the Globe Switch app and register your Facebook account. You can then enjoy Free Facebook!