YouTube now requires channels to have at least 10,000 views before showing advertisements. This appears to be in response to the recent controversy of ads appearing on extremist videos uploaded to the video hosting website.


The New Policy

The 10,000 views threshold is counted on the channel, not individual videos. If the combined views of all the channel’s videos reaches this number, there’s no need for the YouTuber to worry.

This new policy weeds out newly created YouTube channels that can be used to show extremist videos. It also prevents channels that are solely created to steal videos from other channels.



What it Means for YouTubers

YouTube says in a blog post that this will have minimal impact to aspiring YouTubers. However, there are already negative reactions toward the policy. It will now be more difficult for first-time YouTubers to start earning through the YouTube Partnership Program.

However, YouTube is doing this as more and more advertisers pull out ads on the networks due to controversies. Aspiring YouTubers has to have more patience in reaching the 10,000 lifetime views threshold.