Oppo did not launch a new smartphone at MWC2017. Instead, the company showed off its new 5x Zoom technology.


“Lossless Zoom”

Oppo claims that this new technology will allow its future smartphones to capture sharp images at 5x zoom! That’s only achieved by DSLR cameras and some advanced digicams.

The company achieved this by reflecting the light using a prism in a 90-degree angle where it passes through additional lenses. This is similar to a submarine’s periscope.

Using this method, Oppo can keep a smartphone slim since the 5x Zoom module is only 5.7mm!


Comparison with Current Phones

This is the performance of the OPPO 5x Zoom.

This is the performance of the OPPO 5x Zoom.


Dual Camera and OIS

The 5x Zoom system is composed of one normal camera and the periscope style camera described above. Hence, it can produce exciting dual camera effects such as blurred backgrounds.

It also comes with optical image stabilization (OIS). This prevents shaky videos and blurred photos when zoomed in.



As of launching the 5x Zoom technology, Oppo hasn’t included the technology to its smartphones yet. Nevertheless, they hinted that their upcoming flagship phone will have this feature.