Finally, Nokia is now back at selling phones thanks to its 10-year brand licensing agreement with a new Finnish company HMD Global.

There are only features phones listed on Nokia’s website for now but smartphones are coming next year with Google’s Android operating system. These will be manufactured by a subsidiary of Foxconn, the same company that makes Apple’s iPhones.

Nokia back at selling phones
Phones are now listed again on Nokia’s website!

Promise of Former Nokia Employees

HMD Global’s CEO is actually former Nokia Vice President Arto Nummela and most of its executives are also former Nokia employees. They claim to be independent from Nokia and just want to bring back the brand of phones that the world loved.

Despite the fact that it’s not Nokia who will be manufacturing its new phones, HMD Global promises that these products “match what customers expect from the Nokia brand – quality, reliability and ease of use”.

HMD Global logo
HMD Global’s logo.

Nokia in the Philippines

Expect Nokia feature phones to be available once again in store shelves here in the Philippines in the coming months with Android smartphones coming next. Other smartphone brands should step up their game since a lot of people still has high regards for the Nokia brand.

Sources: Nokia, HMD Global