Filipinos can now request information from the government by submitting a request on the official Freedom of Information website.

This is the implementation of Pres. Duterte’s second executive order since taking office. A total of 15 agencies can answer FOI requests for now including the DBM, DoF, DoH, DICT, DOJ, DoT, NAP, OGCC, OSG, PhilHealth, PNP, PSA, PCGG, PAO and PCCO.

Here’s how it looks like:

Freedom of Information Website
Freedom of Information Website

Every Filipino citizen can request for a simple information, official records, transaction/decision documents, government research data and documents pertaining to official acts from the website. Other users can even follow or share these requests by signing up.

However, some requests are answerable by a simple Google search. These are then denied and a link will be given to the one who made the FOI request.

Users can browse the submitted requests and see if something piques their interest. Initial FOI requests asks about government spending, statistics and salaries of government officials.