Paint 3D

A major update for Windows 10 is arriving early next year, 2017. Microsoft referred to it as the “Creators Update” with focus on 3D content and gaming.

It will feature an updated version of Paint called Paint 3D that allows users to capture, create, manipulate, print and share 3D content. Moreover, gamers will be able to stream their favorite games without using a third party app.

Windows 10 Creator’s Update
Windows 10 Creators Update to focus on 3D, VR and gaming.

Making 3D Content and 3D in Office

Capturing 3D content in Windows 10 is achieved by using a smartphone. Windows 10, iOS and Android smartphones will be supported. Microsoft aims to make it as easy as shooting pictures.

Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint are also set to support 3D content with this update. Aside from the user’s own creations, 3D objects can be downloaded from a community driven hub called Remix3D.

3D content in PowerPoint
Look: A 3D tree in Mcirosoft PowerPoint!

VR and Game Broadcasting

Microsoft also announced support for other companies in terms of VR. In addition to their own Microsoft Hololens, Lenovo, ASUS, Acer, HP and Dell will be making VR headsets that will work with Windows 10.

Game broadcasting in Windows 10 can achieve 4K resolution! Tournaments can also be created within Xbox Live.

Price Availability

While the Windows 10 Creators Update will be officially available next year, those who are eager to try all these 3D features can join the Windows Insider Program and test the OS update as early as first week of November 2016.

The best part of it all is that this update is FREE for all Windows 10 PCs, laptops and mobile devices.