Blackberry’s COO and General Manager for Devices Ralph Pini officially confirmed that the company will no longer manufacture the Blackberry Classic.

It’s one of the most popular phones from the Canadian company with its physical Qwerty keyboard, BB10 operating system and an optical trackpad. However, its sales has been reportedly disappointing. Add to it the decision of the US government not to offer Blackberry devices to officials anymore.

Blackberry Classic
Blackberry Classic in black and white.

He further said that Blackberry will continue to innovate with Blackberry 10 and Android devices. Rumors have surfaced that the company is developing three new smartphones named Neon, Argon, and Mercury.

There will still be support for Blackberry Classic’s software and units that are already in stores will still be sold. No more new units will be released though.

Blackberry once captured the hearts of Filipinos with their smartphones. Hopefully, they can do it again soon.