Privacy nightmare!

When Lulzec hacked the official COMELEC website and released dumps of its entire database, it wasn’t readily readable by persons without a background in Information Technology (IT).

However, a website appeared on April 21, 2016 that allows anyone to input a name and search the said database for the voter’s data. This includes the complete address, age, marital status, parents’ complete names and registration place.

website screenshot
Screenshot of the website.
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This is a privacy nightmare for those who are in the database and their family. The data can be used in identity theft, fraudstalking and blackmailing.

A WHOIS query for the website’s domain name shows that a Russian owns it. However, this can be easily faked. A better way of identifying the person behind this is tracking the owner of the publisher ID of the advertisements.

At around 8pm, the website has already been taken down.