Pick your graduation gift!

Starmobile drops the prices of its smartphones from March 1 to April 3, 2016. That’s just in time for the graduation season!

The biggest discount of ₱4,500 comes from the Starmobile Knight Vision. From an official price of ₱9,900, it’s now available for ₱5,490.00! Other smartphones on sale are the Knight Elite, Knight Luxe, Up Vision, Up Max, Up HD and Up Ultra.

Starmobile March Madness Sale
Yup, the Knight Vision has Digital TV!

Starmobile March Madness Sale Price List:

Smartphone Original Price SALE Price
Starmobile Knight Vision ₱9,900 ₱5,490
Starmobile Knight Elite ₱9,900 ₱6,490
Starmobile Knight Luxe ₱7,690 ₱5,490
Starmobile Up Vision ₱5,990 ₱3,990
Starmobile Up Max ₱7,490 ₱5,490
Starmobile Up HD ₱4,990 ₱3,490
Starmobile Up Ultra ₱6,490 ₱5,990

These discounted prices can only be availed in Starmobile concept stores and kiosks. Other retailers might not follow these prices.