The iPad Pro which is Apple’s biggest tablet to date costs ₱42,990.00 in the Philippines. This is already the cheapest version with 32GB storage and Wi-Fi only connectivity.

It flaunts a 12.9-inch Retina display and runs using the Apple A9X processor and iOS 9 with support for displaying apps side-by-side. It supports stylus input using the Apple Pencil and can be docked to a Smart Keyboard.

If you’re looking for the iPad Pro with 4G LTE capability, that costs ₱57,990.00. It already has 128GB of built-in storage space.

You can forego LTE though and just demand for the 128GB storage which will cost ₱50,990.00 only. That’s still too expensive for me though.

Product Storage Connectivity Price
iPad Pro 32GB Wi-Fi Only ₱42,990.00
iPad Pro 128GB Wi-Fi Only ₱50,990.00
iPad Pro 128GB Wi-Fi & 4G LTE ₱57,990.00
Apple Pencil ₱5,190.00
Smart Keyboard ₱8,990.00

The iPad Pro comes in three colors – silver, gold and space gray. The Apple Pencil has an official price of ₱5,190.00 while the Smart Keyboard costs ₱8,990.00.