Last week, Smart announced that it is removing Unlisurf from its internet connection promos and replacing it with the new SurfMax.

At first, SurfMax didn’t appear to have any difference with Unlisurf aside from the name. It allows you to enjoy an internet connection all day. However, it turns out that it has a limit of 800MB per day.

Look at Smart’s message after I registered to SurfMax:

SurfMax 800MB limit
This message ruined my morning.

Smart’s Fair Usage Policy (FUP) states that a user should not exceed 800MB in daily data consumption to prevent the congestion in its network.

SurfMax might just be the implementation of this FUP. The removal of ‘Unli’ in the promo name also prevents us from thinking that the offer is unlimited.

Users who reach the set limit will be throttled down to 2G speeds.

This is not a good news. Hopefully, Telstra-SMC can offer better next year.