Based on the number of units shipped or sold from January to June 2015, the International Data Corporation (IDC) ranked Cherry Mobile as the number 1 mobile phone brand in the Philippines.

The local brand got 17% of the total phone units followed by Samsung at 14%. Fellow local brands MyPhone and CloudFone are at the third and fourth spots respectively while Lenovo placed fifth.

This result isn’t surprising given the sheer number of cheap phone models offered by Cherry Mobile. Filipinos almost automatically choose the more affordable option especially when their budget is limited.

On the other hand, Samsung slightly increased its share of the Philippine mobile phone market from 13.3% last year to the current 14%. This may be the result of its renewed focus on affordable models such as its Galaxy J and Prime series.

Despite the fierce competition from bang for the buck phones of Alcatel, Miezu and Xiaomi, MyPhone and CloudFone managed to cling to the top 5 while Torque fell off.

Cherry Mobile with mascot

Lenovo also increased its efforts in offering affordable phones such as the A7000 giving it the last spot.

Of course, the number of units sold is not the only factor to be considered in selecting the ‘real’ number one mobile phone brand. There’s also the issue of quality and after sales support such as software updates.

Do you think Cherry Mobile is truly the number 1 phone brand in the Philippines? How about Samsung, Apple or SKK Mobile?

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