Google has rolled out a new feature that allows you to search for your lost Android smartphone simply by typing “Where’s my phone?”.

A map showing the location of your smartphone will then show up with the option to ring it in full volume for five minutes – that’s great if you just misplaced your phone. You can also choose which smartphone to search in case you have several including tablets.

google search smartphone ring
Testing Google’s smartphone search function.

This feature has been present for some time with Google’s Android Device Manager. In fact, the map directly links to ADM where you have the option to lock or erase everything on your phone in case it was stolen.

However, this feature still needs your smartphone’s GPS to be turned on as well as an active internet connection via Wi-Fi or mobile data. You also need to sign in using your Google account to perform the search.

Nonetheless, this is still a nice one from Google. Hopefully, the tech giant will find a way to search for a lost smartphone even if it isn’t connected to the internet.