I was a bit alarmed this morning when I searched for “myphone” on Google this morning. A line below the first result of the search shows the phrase “This site may be hacked”.

The linked help page says a hacker might have changed pages of the website so I checked MyPhone’s website for any sign that it has been compromised – I found none. It turns out that this is an error on the part of Google.

Google recently released a new hacked page classifier to warn people for potentially compromised websites. However, several unfortunate websites were erroneously classified as such.

There’s no doubt that a lot of people searching for the company’s website will be discouraged from visiting it after seeing the warning.

The folks at MyPhone can report this error to Google using this form and have someone form the search giant review their website. After that, all they can do is to wait until the label on the search result is gone.

I searched for MyPhone’s official website to check if they already posted something about the MyPhone Uno. Hopefully, they can at least post something on their social media accounts that their website is safe.