After almost 6 months since Microsoft acquired Nokia’s devices division, the company finally announced that they will drop the ‘Nokia’ brand name and use ‘Microsoft Lumia’ instead.

Nokia France announced that its Facebook page will undergo the re-branding in the coming days. Other countries will follow so we will soon see the Microsoft Lumia Philippines Facebook page!

Here’s the announcement:

Microsoft Lumia Facebook

New smartphones from the company will bear the ‘Microsfot Lumia’ branding. Although, ‘Lumia’ alone would have been better.

The company has been slowly removing the Nokia brand name from several apps in the past months. Even some press releases don’t use the Nokia brand anymore for Windows phones.

This might have a negative effect on the sales on Windows phones since many people buy them because of the Nokia brand. However, it will also help prevent confusion because Nokia is still alive with its HERE Maps product as well as other networking technologies.