Another infrographic released by the office of Senator Bam Aquino shows that we pay more than 10 times as much for a 1Mbps internet connection than people in Thailand.

Do you have to pay ₱1,150.00 per month for your internet connection? You can have that for ₱860.00 in Indonesia or ₱105.00 in Thailand!

Reasons for the Philippines’ Slow and Expensive Internet

There are several reasons why internet connection here in the Philippines is very slow. One is the geography of our country.

By being composed of many islands, it is obviously more difficult to lay down transmission lines throughout the country that if it is just a single piece of land. This is the same problem Indonesia has resulting to the 1.6Mbps internet speed they are also trying to endure.

Another reason comes from our telcos. Although there have been improvements in their infrastructures, the rising amount of internet subscribers is still too much for their networks to handle. This makes us wait for the wee hours of the night just to enjoy an acceptable internet speed.

Lastly, users also have to be blamed for our slow internet speed. Let’s face it, we’re on of the top users of illegal torrents in the world.

How to Make Internet in the Philippines Faster

On the positive side, we can do something about this problem. We can urge our telcos to rapidly improve their infrastructures by putting this issue center stage. This is already trending in social media and even the Senate is catching up.

An Anti-cybercrime law has already been passed, why not create another one that will force our telcos to live up to their promises in TV ads?

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