Nokia is such a big part of the mobile phone history that its renaming to Microsoft Mobile seems so sad.

You probably had Nokia 3310 as your first mobile phone and never put it down while playing Snake or exchanging messages with your textmate.

We built clans and started a revolution. We were even named as the texting capital of the world. Now, we have to say goodbye.

Nokia 3310
Nokia 3310 Photo by Kevin Steinhardt

In Nokia’s official notice about user privacy, it stated:

“After completion of the sale of Nokia’s Devices & Services business to Microsoft, the new Finnish company Microsoft Mobile Oy assumes responsibility for the personal data of that business’ customers.”

You shouldn’t worry about your current Nokia handset. The change will mostly affect future devices that the company will release.

Nokia stores will also gradually change their names to Microsoft Mobile. Hopefully, this won’t affect those who are working with Nokia.

Despite the renaming of its Devices & Services business, Nokia will still exist and focus more on its other services like HERE maps.