Fixing Rio’s Issues

When MyPhone Rio hit the stores, many Pinoys rushed to buy one. Who wouldn’t? It’s a quad core smartphone with HD display for just ₱4,999!

However, users immediately found out that the MyPhone Rio has a lot of issues like its inability to transfer apps to SD card and laggy performance. Many sold their units while others bashed MyPhone.

MyPhone RIO OTA Update
Updating MyPhone Rio

How to Update Your MyPhone Rio

First, check if your MyPhone Rio is compatible with the update. Those who bought their units early on surely have compatible units.

Go to Settings > About Phone and check the Custom build version. If it ends in V1.11, tap System Update and then DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL.

Update 1: MyPhone Rio running on V1.06 has been issued an update too.

You must be connected to a Wi-Fi network for this to work or have mobile internet connection.

MyPhone Rio Updated Features

After applying the OTA update, your MyPhone Rio will be able to install apps to SD card. This is very important for gamers and whenever you want to install apps with large files like Plants vs Zombies 2.

Some apps will be removed though like the Pinoy app.

It will also put the System Update option in the main menu so that you can easily update your unit once again when another OTA update becomes available.

You should expect another update because this one won’t fix the lag issues. Nevertheless, we have to appreciate MyPhone for listening to its users’ feedback and issuing this update.