If you’ve been waiting for the ultimate discount for a quad core smartphone, this is it! Cherry Mobile Cosmos X just got a huge slash off its ₱9,999 to just a peso under 6k pesos.

However, you must take a closer look at Cosmos X. Despite its awesome specs like an 18MP camera, quad core processor and Super AMOLED display, it also has several issues.

Cherry Mobile Cosmos X Promo Poster:

Cherry Mobile Cosmos X Promo Poster
A red Cherry Mobile Cosmos X always looks fantastic.

Cherry Mobile Cosmos X Issues

Let’s start with Cosmos X’s camera. The 18 MP main camera actually uses a 13MP sensor only. A technique called software interpolation enhances the image produced by the sensor to make it 18MP.

Nevertheless, it can still take very good photos like this one. The 8MP camera on the front is also a very good deal. The only problem with comes with taking photos at night because its LED flash doesn’t work so well and you’ll have dark pictures.

Another problem is its battery which has a capacity of only 1800mAh. That’s seriously very, very small for a quad core smartphone with HD display.

Where to Buy Discounted Cosmos X

Despite its issues, a Cherry Mobile Cosmos X for ₱5,999 is still a very good deal.

Ha! If I were to buy a quad core smartphone from April 30 to May 4, 2014, this would definitely be my top choice.

Cherry Mobile says this promo is available in its stores and kiosks nationwide but we know better than to believe this. Look for the above picture in a Cherry Mobile dealer or ask the clerk if they are participating in this promo.