Developer kits up for grabs!

Google announced that they have 200 development units of a phone that can map its 3-dimensional surroundings.

The phone is one of the products from Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group headed by Johnny Lee. It has a very cool code name: Project Tango. What do you think?

Google’s Project Tango: Smartphone with 3D Sensors
A development unit of Google’s Project Tango smartphone.

The Phone and its Sensors

Project Tango Specs

The phone looks like just another smartphone but you will immediately notice the extra camera at the back. That’s actually the motion tracking camera.

See the other one above that? That’s the 3D depth sensor that will sense the environment and then create a 3-dimensional map for the phone to use in different applications.

Inside the phone is a chip called Myriad 1 that operates just like the chip on Microsoft’s Kinect but in a significantly lower power requirement.

Exciting Apps

Project Tango demo
Project Tango demo

The phone is currently offered to developers only.

Those who can think of apps that will use the capabilities of the phone in creative, specific and bold ways are encouraged to apply to get a free unit.

The Project Tango website hints on apps for indoor maps, games and algorithms. If you’re a programmer with some projects to show and convince Google’s ATAP guys, go get one!