What’s with ‘8’?

Having an octa-core phone doesn’t just give you the power to play hardcore games, run apps and play very high definition videos, it also gives you a sense of having the latest high tech device in your hands.

That’s why local phone brands in the Philippines raced to be the first to offer an octa-core smartphone for Filipinos. Starmobile got there first but let’s see if it’s better than Cherry Mobile’s first octa-core smartphone.

Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z2 vs Starmobile Diamond X1
Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z2 and Starmobile Diamond X1 are the first octa-core offerings from these brands.

Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z2 vs Starmobile Diamond X1 by Performance

Let’s start with what this is all about: Performance!

Both octa-core phones are powered by the same processor, amount of RAM and GPU. Hence, we shouldn’t see a difference in performance, right?

However, Antutu benchmark tests shows that Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z2 scores 2,000 points lower than Starmobile Diamond X1. That’s a big deal!

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Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z2 vs Starmobile Diamond X1 by Design and Display

Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z2 makes up for its lower performance score by having a full HD display (that’s 1080p, my friend). Plus, Cosmos Z2 also flaunts an OGS screen that makes icons seem to pop out and meet your every touch with zeal.

However, Diamond X1 is sleeker at just 7.0mm thin! It also feels more solid and sturdy than Cosmos Z2.

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Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z2 vs Starmobile Diamond X1 by Camera

The camera is where the two meet at a stalemate.  Both feature an 18 MP main camera with LED flash and BSI sensor plus an 8 MP front camera for taking selfies.

You have to remember that this 18 MP camera is originally rated as 13 MP by their OEM device but with the help of Software Interpolation, the images are ramped up to 18 MP quality.

Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z2 vs Starmobile Diamond X1 by Software Features

When Google released Android 4.4 Kitkat, we started waiting for a local phone to operate using this operating system. Cherry Mobile answered that with a promise that Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z2 units will receive a Kitkat update by March 2014.

On the other hand, Starmobile has been proud with its Starmobile Sync app that lets you transfer contacts and messages from your current phone to a Starmobile Diamond X1 using Bluetooth.

Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z2 vs Starmobile Diamond X1 by Essential Features

Let’s now come to the little things that can still make or break a deal with these phones.

Both octa-core handsets feature dual sim/dual standby feature with 3G connectivity for a fast enough mobile internet speed. You’ll also enjoy dual band WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS.

Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z2 boasts bigger internal storage at 16GB but has the same slot for a 64GB micro SD card. Diamond X1 also flaunts Yamaha stereo loudspeakers that sound better than the one on Cosmos Z2.

Lastly, the two benefits from the improved power usage efficiency of MideaTek’s octa-core processor but suffers from low capacity batteries. Starmobile Diamond X1 has 2,300 mAh only while Cosmos Z2 has a depressing 2,000 mAh battery.

Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z2 vs Starmobile Diamond X1 by Price and After Sales Support

So you really want an octa-core Android phone but your budget is limited? By the way, whose budget isn’t limited?

Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z2 is the better choice for budget conscious consumers which will save Php1,000 on your budget.

However, Starmobile has shown that they provide better support after you’ve purchased their phones compared to Cherry Mobile.