A SmartWatch worth having

When SmartWatches start rolling in from Samsung, Toq and with Apple and Microsoft developing their own too, Pebble already shipped out units of its Pebble SmartWatch.

One main flaw with these SmartWatches is their design. They just look ugly like Samsung’s Galaxy Gear. However, Pebble’s new Pebble Steel SmartWatch will change all that with its new design. Just take a look!

Here’s how Pebble Steel looks like:

Peeble Steel SmartWatch Philippines
Pebble Steel comes with straps in leather, black matte metal and brushed stainless steel.

Pebble Steel Features

If you’re not yet familiar with Peeble, its just a bluetooth device that connects to your Android phone or iPhone and displays notifications, runs some apps and of course,shows you the time.

Pebble Steel is a huge improvement over the original Pebble SmartWatch in terms of design and durability. it now uses milled stainless steel and Corning® Gorilla® Glass making its display scratch and shatter resistant.

It is also waterproof rated at 5ATM – half of most waterproof watches. Nevertheless, you can swim, take a shower and wash the dishes with your Pebble Steel on.

Pebble Steel Price and Availability

Peeble Steel is now available at its website for $249 with free shipping worldwide. That’s around Php11,100 with the current exchange rate.

If you order one, Pebble will ship your unit on January 28, 2013. You can still order the original Pebble SmartWatch at $150 which will ship the next day.