G Pen

Cherry Mobile (unsurprisingly) is teasing another smartphone on its Facebook page. This time, it’s bundled with a stylus that they are calling the G Pen.

“Doodle, scribble, sketch, email or text like a Pro”, one of the posts said. I agree with all of these. A stylus can really help you show more creativity with the freedom that it offers. However, the G Pen just looks almost exactly like Samsung’s S Pen.

Here, take a look:

Cherry Mobile G Pen Stylus vs Samsung S Pen
Cherry Mobile G Pen and Samsung S Pen: notice the similarities?

Cherry Mobile: A copycat?

Don’t get me wrong, a stylus on a possibly cheap smartphone is a great idea. However, the naming of this stylus just makes Cherry Mobile’s marketing tactic show its true nature: copying!

They followed the smartwatch craze with their own. Although that one isn’t a smartwatch but just a basic phone in a wristwatch form or phonewatch.

Cherry Mobile G Pen Settings
Cherry Mobile G Pen settings.

This time, it’s Samsung’s S Pen that gets copied. Instead of S Pen, they name it G Pen. The originality is oozing! 

Anyway, we’ll be waiting for the announcement of the unit here on Pinoy Techno Guide. The hints point out to a Samsung Galaxy Note like smartphone with PRO in its name. What’s your guess?