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A major earthquake just hit the Philippines today. With all the Android phones around, it’s hard to think why we’re not using them to show information about the latest earthquakes.

Sure, Facebook and Twitter can show updates from your friends but a trustworthy source instead of those rubbish updates from your friends could mean the difference between well informed decisions and panic.
Earthquake Alert! Android App
Earthquake Alert plots the latest earthquakes on a map. Photo credit: Johan Larson

Earthquake Alert! Functions

Earthquake AlertEarthquake Alert! shows you a list of the latest earthquakes from around the world based on the USGS data. It also shows a map with the epicenter of the earthquakes and how far they reached.
You can filter the quakes to those that occur near you or your loved ones. You can also share it to different social media or report an earthquake that you felt.
Earthquake Alert! has a companion app that alerts you when an earthquake happens. Of course, you can set a minimum earthquake intensity if you don’t want your phone to alarm every 30 minutes with an intensity 3 earthquake.

Earthquake Alert! Download Link and Developer

You can download and install Earthquake Alert from Google Play and its companion Earthquake Alerter here
Earthquake Alert! is a creation of Josh Clemm of San Fancisco, California.