Even if you think you have a strong password, chances are someone can find a way to hack your account if they are determined to do so. There have been a lot of cases where Facebook and Twitter accounts of celebrities and normal people were hacked that resulted in an undesirable consequence.

Three of the biggest internet companies have already added two-factor authentication into their system that you can take advantage to add another layer of protection to your online accounts. If you enable two factor authentication on Facebook, Twitter and Google, every time someone tries to login to your account using another computer will be required to enter a code that will be sent to your phone.

Two Factor Authentication

That means if someone wants tries to hack your account, he or she must have access to your phone or sim card too.

Enable Two Factor Authentication on Facebook

Let’s start with the most commonly used social media in the Philippines – Facebook.
1. Go to your Facebook Account’s Security Settings using this link.
2. Check the box that says Require a security code to access my account from unknown browsers.
Require a security code to access my account from unknown browsers
3. Click Get Started and choose which type of phone you currently have.
4. If you have an Android phone, iPhone or iPod Touch, open the Facebook app and tap on Code Generator in the settings.
5. For other phones, just choose other. You can also choose this if you have an Android phone, iPhone or iPod Touch but doesn’t have an internet connection.
6. After you tap the Code Generator or click Continue, you will receive a text message containing your Facebook confirmation code. Enter the code in the text box on Facebook.
7. If you did not receive a text message, check if the phone number associated in your Facebook account is the same as the one you are using right now. If not, click on Change Phone Number and enter your current phone number.
8. After entering the code, you’re two factor authentication for Facebook is already properly set up.

Setting Up Two Factor Authentication for Twitter Accounts

1. Open up your Twitter account settings here.
2. If you haven’t added a phone number to your Twitter account yet, click on add a phone under Login Verification.

3. Add your phone number and when Twitter prompts you, text GO to a given number.

4. If you already have a linked phone number, scroll down to find Account Security.
5. Tick the Require a verification code when I sign in check box. 

Enable Two Step Verification in Your Google Account

1. Just like Facebook and Twitter, go to your Google account settings here.
2. Scroll down to 2-step verification and click Edit.
3. Click on Start Setup and enter your password.
4. Check the phone number that Google offers if that is your active phone number and click send.
Google Two Step Verification

5. You will then receive a text message containing a 6 digit number. Enter that in the text box.
6. If you are using your own computer right now, tick the Trust this computer check box in the next step.
7. Click on confirm to properly set up two step verification for your Google account.

How to Turn Off two Step Verification

Some of you might find out that using two step verification is a hassle.

If you think that security given by this feature is not worth it, you can disable this by going back into the account settings page of each service.

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